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Oooh this community looks fun. ^^ I come bearing a large archive of AvP fanfiction that I absolutely adore.

AvP: Desiderata - (Machiko/Dachande) - by Quietharm
Artistic License - (Predator/Human OC)- by Ninkira
Hunter's Quest - (Scar/Lex) - by Cassieknight
Knife, Blood and Poison - (Machiko/Predator) - by Petrafina Dantanko
Scar, Friend or Foe? - (Scar/Lex) - by BlueBastard
Sentimental Thrill - (Scar/Lex)- by Sealink
Quality of Resonance - (OC/Predator) - by Sealink
Submission to Love - (Scar/Lex) - by Blue Water Elf

My own fanfiction:

Surviving This - (Scar/Lex)
Sacrifice Theory - (Scar/Lex)
Subtle Threat - (Scar/Lex)
Of Courage, Of Honor - (Scar/Lex)
Arbitration - (Predator/OC)

Also, there are some predator icons/colorbars to be found (if you're interested) at halcyon_kept. ^^

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